Hena Ashraf is a writer-director who creates character-focused multi-layered narratives. Born in London to parents from the subcontinent, she spent her early years in the United Kingdom before im/migrating to America and has an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA. Her work has been supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Tribeca Film Institute, the Islamic Scholarship Fund, the Norris Foundation, BAFTA Los Angeles, MPAA, Wasserman, the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, an ISF National Film Grant, and she was a Telluride FilmLAB Fellow.

Hena’s work focuses on the trials and traumas of migrant life, centering queer migrants of colour and commenting upon the dilemmas of faith starting with her film The House of Mariana y GabrielShe is currently working on The Return, a documentary-hybrid film informed by her relationship with her father who recently passed away while visiting relatives in India.

Hena tends to disappear into her headphones, is a budding DJ, blogs every now and then here and here, and she is not a fan of social media.